Sogon Yoon - South Korea - Sogon is the Chief Editor and Founder of Far Ride Magazine. When Sogon is not out riding, he's probably researching the latest and greatest in camera tech. Contact Sogon for brand partnership inquiries.  


Brad Hammonds - USA - Brad is an editor and distribution wizard for Far Ride. He currently lives at sea level where he rides bikes slowly fighting strong headwinds while dreaming of climbing mountains. Contact Brad to get Far Ride in your shop. 


Steff Gutovska - Ukraine - Steff is a Far Ride editor and passionate Ukrainian cyclist based in Barcelona, Spain. Usually, she can be found climbing Spanish gravel or devouring tapas in cheesy bars.
Contact Steff for submissions. 


Aaron Griffiths - UK - Aaron is a freelance designer and art director from London. He is currently traveling and riding his bike all over the Spanish coast, stopping only for good coffee and churros.

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