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Cycling in the time of Corona - Angelo Calilap

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, cyclists around the world are certain of one thing: bikes still aren’t canceled. We talked to a few of our friends on how they are navigating riding during this time—adapting to new regulations and restrictions, coming up with novel ways to ride at home and stay creatively and socially stimulated, and keeping race legs primed for the days when we can ride (and race) together again.

Angelo is a Cat 2 racer and team manager for The 5th Floor, a cycling team based in NYC and London.


Are you still riding outside?
Yes, still riding outside, but I’m very careful when and where.

What do those rides now look like for you? Have your reasons and intentions for riding a bicycle changed during this time?
During the week, if I’m going to Prospect Park, I go early to make sure there’s not a lot of foot traffic with walkers and other cyclists and runners, just because I want to continue to be safe and practice social distancing.


Have your reasons and intentions for riding a bicycle changed during this time?
I’m still riding my bike as if I was getting ready for racing. I have structured workouts, and I work with my coach to see what those are. Over the weekend, I’ve added a freestyle day where I go out and explore. I try to stay on roads that are safe and known, so no gravel.

However, this time away from racing has forced me to reflect on why I do it in the first place. I race because I want to challenge myself physically and push myself to be tougher mentally. When road racing starts again, I’ll be ready. And if it’s too late for road racing, then I’ll be ready for cross in the winter.


How’re you staying motivated? Any tools you’re using to help you?
I’m always looking to improve as a cyclist and a bike racer. Just seeing my numbers getting better continues to motivate me. 

Everyone adapts differently individually, but collectively, the NYC racing community for the most part seems to have embraced the solo outdoor ride or the virtual indoor experience. As a team, since everyone is home and online more, there’s been more conversations across the board, and some have found new ways to socialize outside of bikes, i.e., online poker!



Lastly, do you think how you approach riding will change after this? What do you miss most?
I think how I approach riding definitely will change; I’m looking forward to my first group ride with my team. Hugs and hammers all around!


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