Empty NYC

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, cyclists around the world are certain of one thing: bikes still aren’t canceled. Photographer Donalrey Nieva and partner Karen Yung headed out on a rainy Saturday morning to capture what the typically packed streets of NYC look like during the peak of this figurative storm. They discovered an emptier, but still breathing, city—one that is hopeful and waiting for the day when life as we know it can return. 


We also talked to a few of our friends around the world on how they are navigating riding during this time—adapting to new regulations and restrictions, coming up with novel ways to ride at home and stay creatively and socially stimulated, and keeping race legs primed for the days when we can ride (and race) together again. Hear from Kelton + Bianca in Los Angeles,  Julia Fouquet in Paris and Angelo Calilap in NYC.

Cycling in the time of Corona - Kelton & Bianca
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