Skåne Country Roads

Riding forgotten back roads with friends that is the meaning of a gravel bike. In the early summer we rode through the southern part of Sweden, rolling through the soft hills of Skåne. It was a journey which took from coast to coast at a time of year where the sun doesn’t really set. We rode in the mellow green light of the beech forest and followed fire roads linking small villages which dotted the hills.


Skåne is the beautiful Swedish backyard of Copenhagen. It is a 30 minute train ride away from the Central Station, which gives acces to a natural haven for bikepackers. It feels familiar yet very different to a rider living in the flatlands of Denmark. The landscape is sculptured by melted glaciers and therefore you find plenty of hills on the Swedish Esker. And the white dusty roads are in perfect condition because Swedes love to ride their Volvos fast on gravel.


We had our share of luck with heavy tailwinds and sun. We ate grilled fish at the harbors, slept outside in shelters and drank beers by the fireside. We even met a witch who offered us to sleep in one of her boats in the little village Kivik.  This trip had plenty to do with living the good and easy life on gravel roads. 


"Riding forgotten back roads with friends that is the meaning of a gravel bike."

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