Toros de Gravel 2018

Far Ride in Mallorca with Toros de Gravel

When we were invited to a three day gravel getaway in Mallorca, we had no idea what to expect. “Out of all places, gravel in Mallorca?” That was our initial thought, but our good friend Bregan insisted that we keep our faith in him and Jan Eric, the two brains behind the Toros de Gravel.

Unsurprisingly, the ride was fantastic. Yes, some might have argued that the terrain didn’t exactly fit the description of modern-day gravel riding, but it was fun—challenging, yet fun. Also, the list of people who were invited to this event, carefully curated by both Bregan and Jan Eric, made all the rocky bits much more enjoyable. 

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Most of us at the event agreed that we didn’t really miss the road cycling tour experience that you typically get in Mallorca. The camp site had easy access to a restaurant and a pool, the food was amazing and every night there would be a special dinner presented either by a local restaurant or a guest chef. More importantly, the vibe was amazing and there never was a dull moment. 

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Oh, and the party was off the hook. It probably was the biggest highlight of the event, which got us itching to find out about next year’s Canyon Toros de Gravel Mallorca GP. A full length feature will be published in Vol. 11 of far ride Magazine. Stay tuned.


Volume 11