Waiting to Ride Out

Waiting to Ride Out

With a year full of travel restrictions, difficulty and delay, putting together a new volume of Far Ride became an adventure in itself. Originally slated for an early summer release, postponement became inevitable with one cancelled plan quickly following another. But like many around the world, we shifted our focus, looking for new roads in our own backyards instead of abroad, riding with smaller groups and enjoying the quiet of solo outings.

We also grew, welcoming new members to the Far Ride family of editors. While not able to ride together, we were able to work together, creating the best volume of Far Ride yet. To introduce our new, larger team, we asked our members to share their experience working on their first (or at least first-of-its-kind) Far Ride Magazine.

Karen Yung – Editor – NYC, USA
As the newest member of the team, I joined in May when, all of a sudden, I had a lot more time on my hands after losing my job due to the pandemic. I was thrilled to revisit the world of print and magazines, something that I lived and breathed back in high school but had rarely revisited since. The team and the stories we got to tell were much needed distractions from the horrors of 2020 unfolding in NYC and around the world, and for that, I’m forever grateful. We all need escapes more than ever this year, so I’m so thrilled we’re finally able to get out this new issue!

Brad Hammonds – Managing Editor – Texas, USA
After managing to just squeak in a great trip to Mexico City for Volume 12’s City Exploration feature, I think I speak for the whole team when I say we were disappointed to cancel plans to all meet up for a big ride—what was to be our first full team ride in a long time. But constraints breed creativity, and travel restrictions just offered more encouragement to pursue adventure close to home. As someone who has always enjoyed a good solo ride, the day-to-day shift was less felt, but a few months into the pandemic and the lack of travel started to take its toll. Luckily, working together with a fabulous group of contributors kept the excitement alive and gave us a chance to explore a deeper means of storytelling. While we are all ready to get back out and dive into the next big adventure and be together again, this year has been one of learning, patience and finding joy in every single ride. I am very proud of Volume 12 and hope that every reader can find inspiration, escape, or simply a distraction, within its pages. Enjoy!


Aaron Griffiths – Designer – Amsterdam, NL
This issue was everything you experience in a great multi-day trip with new and old friends. Things are moving along nicely, good pace, sunny skies. But it would be too easy if everything was so simple. So the world threw us a curveball to navigate through, much like a closed road. We renavigated and looked at the situation as a tight-knit group of friends, each in different situations. We designed a new route and tackled it with all the hurdles. But in the end, the time gave us a magazine that might just be our best yet (I'm biased), with the whole team coming together to tackle it and make it the great trip we all yearn for.

Chris Hargreaves – Editor – Stoke-on-Trent, UK
Looking back on a year where I’m 0 for 3 for overseas cycling trips, a cursory look on Strava tells me I’ve ridden more than my average annual mileage, the various iterations of lockdowns – and the time saved by forgoing the daily commute when working from home – encouraging me to discover what was on my doorstep. From my own perspective, this year has been characterized by a make-do-and-mend approach to cycling, the simple act of riding a bike offering a physical and emotional lifeline to counterbalance the uncertainty and worries of a pandemic that has touched all our lives to one degree or another.

Pulling together a magazine that features two-wheeled adventures from across the globe has not been without its challenges. But in some fashion or other, we all kept riding, and the stories that make up our latest volume came together one by one. As the magazine once again goes to print, the breadth of voices that speak from between the covers reminds me that we are a community with ties that reach beyond the borders of our respective countries and that the pleasure of riding a bike acts as a common thread that runs through all our lives. When faced with unprecedented difficulties and concerns, we can find some solace on the roads and trails our bikes allow us to explore.


Volume 12

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